Foreign Troops

Convalescent Canadians celebrate their homeland at Woodcote Park, Epsom<br />  <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>SHC ref PC/58/99</strong></a>.

Convalescent Canadians celebrate their homeland at Woodcote Park, Epsom
SHC ref PC/58/99.

The war saw Surrey provide a home to many thousands of overseas troops.  Witley Camp was occupied by the Canadian army and Woodcote Park, Epsom, was used as the Canadians’ main convalescent hospital.

In Walton upon Thames, Mount Felix and Oatlands were used as military hospitals for New Zealand troops.

Many overseas soldiers still lie buried in Surrey cemeteries.   For example there are over 1000 in Brookwood Military Cemetery near Woking, including 148 South Africans, 148 New Zealanders, 351 Australians, 325 Canadians, 21 Indians, an Italian, 2 Belgians and 7 Germans.

Written by Mike Page, Surrey History Centre

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