Counter Invasion

Counter invasion plan for the parish of Charlwood SHC ref 734/1

Counter invasion plan for the parish of Charlwood (SHC ref 734/1)

Postcard, c.1914 (reproduced courtesy of Prof Keith Grieves)

The threat of German invasion was taken very seriously and in November 1914 the government issued instructions for measures to be taken in the event of a hostile landing. These measures were to be carried out at the direction of the military authorities and under the guidance of the police. In Surrey, the Surrey Central Defence Committee coordinated planning, with area emergency committees in each petty sessional division and parish emergency committees under the area committees. The local committees drew up detailed plans for the removal of vehicles and livestock, the destruction of supplies, and the disabling of bridges, railways and electric power. Surrey local authorities were also involved in the defence of London, for which elaborate plans were prepared by the War Office. Dorking Urban and Rural District Councils, among other local authorities, were requested to draw up lists of men and equipment for trench digging and the construction of emergency defences. This scheme continued in force for the duration of the war though the threat of invasion had long since receded.

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