Garth Neville Walford VC (1882 – 1915)

Garth Neville Walford

Title: Garth Neville Walford
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The son of Selina Walford and Neville Walford, who served with the Royal Field Artillery in Frimley, Garth was born on 27th May 1882, in Sandhurst. Educated in Eastbourne, he was commissioned with the Royal Field Artillery in 1901. In late December 1907 he married Elizabeth Katherine Mary Trefusis.

During the First World War, the 22nd June 1915 edition of the London Gazette reported how Garth got the Victoria Cross;

“26th April, 1915, subsequent to a landing having been effected on the beach at a point on the Gallipoli Peninsula, during which both Brigadier-General and Brigade Major had been killed, Lieutenant-Colonel Doughty-Wylie and Captain Walford organised and led an attack through and on both sides of the village of Sedd el Bahr on the Old Castle at the top of the hill inland. The enemy’s position was very strongly held and entrenched, and defended with concealed machine-guns and pom-poms. It was mainly due to the initiative, skill and great gallantry of these two Officers that the attack was a complete success. Both were killed in the moment of victory”

He died on 26th April 1915 aged 32 and is buried at V Beach in Gallipoli, Turkey.

In November 1921 Garth’s widow applied for his medals while she was living at 4 Down View, Bude, Cornwall.

In the First World War officers had to apply for their own medals. For those that had died, it became their family’s responsibility to apply for them. The soldier was given a ribbon bar to sew on to their uniform. The ribbon described which medal they were awarded, while the actual medal was being engraved with their name, rank, number, and regiment. The medal, when received, would include a full length of ribbon with the medal attached.

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