Thomas Hawkins

Family history story shared by June Adams

Thomas Leslie Hawkins was born in 1898, living at 2 Peytons Cottages, Nutfield.  He later worked at Chilmead Farm, Nutfield Marsh.

He was called up to the Army in August, aged 18 years old, and was posted to the Royal Fusiliers in February 1917.  He was severely injured in battle, during action on 22 july 1917, receiving gun-shot wounds to his shoulder, hip and thigh.  On 1 October 1917, he was taken to Birmingham for treatment, and was later discharged for being no longer physically fit for active service.  The Army gave him a pension of 11s. a week, and a Silver War Badge to wear to show why he was not fighting.

He died in 1969, a much loved and caring uncle.

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