The Tabor Family

Ida Tabor

Title: Ida Tabor
Description: Thanks to Richard Tabor by-nc

Story given by Richard Tabor, son of Stanley Arthur Tabor

The Tabor family all lived in Stoke Newington, London.  Arthur Edward Tabor and Emmeline Neanne Tabor married on 1 March 1892, with the births of Stanley Arthur (1894), Charles Ernest (1896), Ida Emmeline (1898) and Leslie William (1899) soon following.

The outbreak of the First World War impacted greatly on the family.  Stanley Arthur Tabor joined the Royal Navy on 6 November 1915, serving on the Vivid I, serving until 1 February 1919, on the Vivid II.  He saw action in the Northern Atlantic and the Dardenelles.  Charles Ernest Tabor served with the Army in Gallipoli, where he was gassed, but survived.  Leslie William Tabor did not enlist.  Ida Emmeline Tabor was sent to Gomshall, Surrey, from 1915 to 1916, because her father was concerned for safety at the family home in London.  The threat of Zeppelin raids was prevalent throughout the war, and Emmeline was just one of many who were evacuated for their own safety.  She stayed at a farmhouse in Colekitchen Lane, Gomshall.  While in Surrey she used to cycle in the local Surrey Hills countryside, visiting a number of nearby villages.  One evening, when she was cycling back to the farmhouse from Shere, a German airship passed low overhead and frightened her so much that she fell off of her bike into a bed of nettles.


Stanley Tabor

Title: Stanley Tabor
Description: Thanks to Richard Tabor by-nc

All the family survived the war.

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