The Queen’s lamb with a hump

Surrey Advertiser January 8th (QRWS Xmas Card & ditty)

Title: Surrey Advertiser January 8th (QRWS Xmas Card & ditty)
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Taken from The Surrey Advertiser, Monday January 8th 1917

The Queen’s lamb with a hump. An interesting Christmas card.

“We have seen an interesting Christmas card sent home by a member of a certain battalion on The Queen’s serving in a distant theatre of war. On the front is a representation of the Paschal Lamb, the badge of the regiment, with holly leaves, and “Best wishes for Christmas, 1916.”
Inside is a sketch of a map, with one portion in black distinguished by the inscription, “Xmas, 1916, Turkey in Asia;” and below a sketch of a bird of a different kind, with the words: “Xmas in 1917. Turkey in Europe.”
On the opposite side is a sketch of the Lamb with a hump and the inscription: “Awful effect of too much Mesopotamia, and of associating with vulgar camels: Queen’s Lamb gets the hump.”

Then follows the lines:-

Surrey had a little Lamb,
Whose fleece was khaki brown;
And everywhere the lamb was sent,
‘Twas sure to gain renown.
Since in Arabia it proved,
It’s courage was no sham:
The passing Arabs always teach
Their children to say “Lamb.” ”

This is a great article that appeared in the Surrey Advertiser shortly after Christmas 1916, on January 8th 1917, about a Christmas card sent home from the Middle Eastern theatre of war. It clearly shows how soldiers on the front line often tried to distract themselves from the horrors of war (or boredom caused by periods of inactivity) through art – making Trench art items, sketching, or creating handmade cards to send home to friends and family. Obviously at such a time of year their thoughts would turn to memories of Christmas past and the hope of future ones spent with their families.

If anyone out there has a copy of this Christmas card please get in contact with us – we would love to see it!

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