Sydney Dormer Moulding

This story is the result of an investigation of documents held by Surrey History Centre. The file (SHC ref. CC7/4/4, nos. 1-50) contains correspondence and insurance claims on behalf of Surrey County Council Education Department employees who had been killed in action during the Great War. The cases date from 1915 to 1918.

Case 12: Sydney Dormer Moulding

Although there is no definite knowledge of what happened to Lieutenant Sydney Moulding, his death is officially presumed on the 22 August 1915, a day after his last known sighting. On the 21 August, Moulding was seen badly wounded in Gallipoli. By 1 March 1916, the only hope that he was alive rested on the possibility that he was taken prisoner by the Turkish troops, which would have rendered him unable to contact his family. However on the 6 July that year Moulding was presumed dead, following his name not being included on a list of Turkish prisoners. It is suspected that Moulding may have been shot again after his last sighting, and together with numerous others was buried with missing or unknown identification.

In a handwritten will, Moulding – the former Headmaster of Thursley Church of England School – divided up his assets between his remaining family members. This included his four brothers, Edgar, Frank, William and Leonard, as well as his sister, Florrie. An accompanying letter written by his father reveals that at the time of Sydney’s death, his brothers were also in service, whilst Florrie was attending Goldsmith’s College, London.

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