Rev John FAIRBOURNE (1852-1915)

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Rev John FAIRBOURNE (1852-1915)

Wesleyan Minister Rev FAIRBOURNE was born in Bolton, Lancashire in 1852 the son of Edmund and Jane FAIRBOURNE. His father was a corn factor. His early years were spent in Manchester and by 1871 he was living in Stretford, Lancashire where he was a salesman of cotton goods.

He married Elizabeth Jessie WATERER (1851-1935) in the Guildford area in 1880. By 1881 Elizabeth and John were living in New Road, Burnley with Elizabeth’s mother, Harriet. Harriet WATERER, nee CHANDLER (1825-1888) was an annuitant and a widow of Thomas WATERER, a farmer and nurseryman of Knaphill, Woking. John was now a Wesleyan Minister. Elizabeth and John had two daughters, Ethel Waterer FAIRBOURNE (1882-1952) and Adela Irene FAIRBOURNE (1886-1953) and in 1891 they were living in Newark Road, Lincoln. The nature of John’s vocation meant that the family moved around the country and Harriet WATERER died in Wellington, Shropshire. In 1901 the family were living in Walsall, Staffordshire.

However, by 1911 the family had finally settled and made their home at Epworth, Heathside Park Road, Woking. It was here that John died on 18 March 1915 and was buried in Brookwood Cemetery on 22 March 1915. Elizabeth Jessie FAIRBOURNE also died at Epworth, on 9 April 1935 and was buried in Brookwood Cemetery on 15 April 1935. Neither of the daughters married and they were both living at Epworth when they died. Ethel died on 29 August 1952 and was buried in Brookwood Cemetery on 2 September 1952. Adela died on 29 March 1953 and was buried in Brookwood Cemetery on 2 April 1953.

The Surrey History Centre holds a glass plate negative and image of a photograph taken before 1920 of his grave in Brookwood Cemetery SHC 9524/2/43

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