Reginald Herbert Gibbons

Information from Pat Clack, niece to Reginald Gibbons

Reginald Gibbons (centre, back row) with the RAMC at Inkerman Barracks, Woking

Title: Reginald Gibbons (centre, back row) with the RAMC at Inkerman Barracks, Woking
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Reginald Herbert Gibbons was born on 1 May 1888.  Reginald’s life before the outbreak of hostilities in 1914 was spent in Maybury, where his father worked in Colman’s furniture store. Reginald started working for Woking District Council in 1904, aged 16. Thereafter, he started his career at the Woking News and Mail and Surrey Advertiser. By 1911, Reginald had married Hilda Ilott, had an eight-month-old daughter named Evelyn, was working in the Woking area as a journalist . Reginald and Hilda were living at 69, Eve Road, Woking in the 1911 Census.  After war broke out, Reginald joined the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC), much to the amusement of his four brothers, as he had no previous medical experience. Reginald was based at the Inkerman Barracks Military Hospital, Knaphill. (Most of the former barracks has since been demolished and turned into housing near Winston Churchill School). After the war, Reginald’s journalism career took off: he became the Woking News and Mail’s sports editor (regularly reporting Woking Football Club’s matches), and later sub-editor and editor. He retired from the newspaper in the 1960s, on which occasion he received front-page coverage.


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