Private Alfred Burgess

Private Alfred Burgess was listed as serving, in the St Andrew’s, Oxshott, parish magazine, in January 1917. The following year, in June 1918, the parish magazine recorded that he had been missing since March 21st, although ‘Mrs Burgess has great hopes that he may be a prisoner’. In the same month as his father was listed as missing, Alfred and Caroline’s son, Arthur joined up, in the Navy.

In the months that followed Alfred continued to be listed as missing and some time after December 1918 it was recorded that his death had taken place on 23rd March 1918, two days after he was originally reported as missing.


St Andrew’s, Stoke D’Abernon, Parish Magazines, June 1918, July 1918, September 1918, and December 1918, SHC Ref. 8909/8/1/4.



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