Percy George Dennis

Percy George Dennis

Title: Percy George Dennis
Description: Entry in Rev A J Hutton, Windlesham Roll of Honour; SHC ref:Z_682_1 16A by-nc

Although not initially clear why Percy is noted on the Windlesham War Memorial, investigations show that his mother, Minnie, was baptised in St John the Baptist Church, Windlesham, the daughter of Joseph and Eliza Peto, both of whom are buried in Windlesham Additional Burial Ground. Percy’s father, David Adolphus Dennis was living in nearby Sunninghill with his widowed mother, Elizabeth. David and Minnie married in 1895. David was a career soldier, serving in the 1st Battalion Durham Light Infantry from 1888. Percy and his siblings were born in a variety of locations – Aldershot, Dublin and Barnard’s Castle.

The Rev A J Hutton tells Percy’s story in the Windlesham Roll of Honour:

‘Percy G Dennis was born on November 14th 1898 and joined up in August 1915 in the 1st Battalion of the Northumberland Fusiliers. He joined the Regular Army intending to serve seven years & five in the Reserve. The Regiment is known as the Old&Bold and the Fighting Fifth. He was trained at the Depot in Newcastle on Tyne. In June 1916 he went across to France to join his Battalion. In February 1916 he had been promoted to Lance Corporal ands in Janaury 1917 he was promoted Corporal. He was sent home with frozen feet in Decber 1916 and rejoined his battalion again in April 1917. He was badly wounded at Ypres in both arms and chest in May 1917 when he was sent to England. When he rejoined he was sent to the 1/7 Battalion of the Northumberland Fusiliers, who were in the fighting line of the Ypres Salient, this was in Decber  1917. He was killed on Dec 31st 1917 by a shell as they were leaving the trenches; nine men were killed including an officer a sergeant and Percy Dennis. He was buried in South Paschendaele, North East Ypres.’


Hutton A.J., date unknown, Windlesham Roll of Honour SHC Ref: Z_682_1 16A

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