Peace Celebrations

Peace Celebrations SHC Ref 6520-64

Title: Peace Celebrations SHC Ref 6520-64
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SHC Ref: 6520/64

‘Dear Sir or Madam,                                   Cranleigh July 12, 1919

Peace Celebrations, July 19, 1919

At a Public Meeting held at the Village Hall, Cranleigh, on Thursday evening last, Sir G.F. Bonham, Bart, in the chair, it was decided to arrange:

  1. A tea for all children under 15 years of age to be held in Knowle Park
  2. A Luncheon to be given to all ex-Service men
  3. A Program of Sports and Entertainments
  4. A Display of Flares and Fireworks

Full details will be published later

A Committee was elected to raise funds. Mr Furbank is Hon. Treasurer, and will be pleased to receive any contribution, large or small, at Lloyd’s bank, Cranleigh, or these may be given to any member of the Committee.

It is felt that you would wish to contribute on this occasion, and as the time is limited the Committee will appreciate your prompt action

I am, Yours obediently


Hon Secretary

P.S. Below are the names of members of the Finance Committee who will receive money or promises of help

Rev P. Cunningham                                                 Mr W.P. Furbank

Dr A.A. Napper                                                         Mr H.J. Hayman

Col H.A. Tapp                                                           Mr H. Kelf

Mr Malcolm Bourne                                                  Mr Arthur Parsons

Mr T. Atkin Wood’


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