Oxshott Rifle Club

A scheme was announced locally in August 1914 to set up in Oxshott a rifle club or civilian guard, for men outside the normal recruiting age. This would allow them to train in the use of rifles. The Oxshott Men’s Club contributed £5 to this, only to find a year later it had to take over the running of the Miniature Rifle Club. Once involved, the Club Committee set about creating rules to run the Rifle Club and control the rifle range. Cartridges were purchased, as was cordite, which was to light the range for evening use. Unfortunately as soon as it had been bought, blackout regulations were introduced due to air raids and so a ban was introduced to prevent the use of outside lighting after sunset! The range was in what is now the Oxshott Village Sports Club, within the ground, and railway sleepers were used to form the bunkers. It had its own pavilion, which was later rented to the Sports Club for use by the football and cricket clubs.

The Rifle Club continued throughout the war and was finally wound up in 1919 when its assets were sold. It had 6 rifles and these were offered to Downside Rifle Club at 15 shillings (75p) each. The rifles were eventually auctioned off to Club members for just a few shillings each, as they weren’t wanted by Cobham Rifle Cub either.

Rifle Club badge 1914

Title: Rifle Club badge 1914
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Taken from One Hundred Years of The Oxshott Club – 1907-2007 – A History, by Mike Crute (The Oxshott Club, 2007).

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