National War Loan (Leaflet No 7)

Parliamentary War Savings Committee Poster, June 1915

Title: Parliamentary War Savings Committee Poster, June 1915
Description: Source Ref: IWM PST 10168 by-nc

In June 1915 the government launched its second National War Loan Scheme. The August 1915 edition of St Saviour’s Parish Magazine re-printed Leaflet No. 7, which outlined the scheme’s operation in the form of a series of questions and answers.



Question. – People are saying that everyone who can should take up some of this new War Loan. Why do they say this?

Answer. – Because this is one of the ways of helping our country in the War, and every little counts.

Q. – I have not much saved up, but I am earning good wages and could save a few shillings a week. Could I invest that money in the Loan?

A. – Yes. Everybody who can save can and should invest in the Loan.

Q. – What must I do?

A. – With every 5s. you have you can buy a Scrip Voucher at the Post Office for that amount. You can also buy Scrip Vouchers for 10s. or £1. Buying Scrip Vouchers is as easy as buying postage stamps.

Q. – What must I do with my Scrip Vouchers?

A. – Keep them carefully until the 1st of December, and after that date you can exchange them at the Post Office for War Loan. For every twenty Scrip Vouchers for 5s. or ten Scrip Vouchers for 10s. or five Scrip Vouchers for £1 you will receive £5 of stock.

Q. – But if I want money I shall not have to wait till sometime between 1925 and 1945 to get it?

A. – No you can go to the Post Office and sell your stock at any time.

Q. – Could it be sold quickly?

A. Yes, you would only have to wait, at most a few days for your money.

Q. – Would it cost me anything to sell out?

A. – The Post Office will make a small charge; for any amount up to £25 the fee is 9d. only.

(Leaflet No. 7).


St Saviour’s Guildford, Parish Magazine, August 1915, SHC Ref: 1946 Box 10.

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