King’s Gift to a Soldier

Kings Gift to a soldier

Title: Kings Gift to a soldier
Description: Taken from the 'Surrey and Hants News', 7 September 1916 by-nc

Taken from the Surrey and Hants News, 9 September 1916

‘During the recent tour made by the King of the war zone in France and Belgium the Rolls Royce cars in which the journey was made were under the care of a young Kingston mechanic.  [Private] Victor Morling, youngest son of Mr and Mrs Mariner Morling, of Farfield West, Kingston-on-Thames, and nephew of Mr Francis Morling, of Heath View, Ash Vale.

When the war broke out [Private] Victor Morling was in the service of the Rolls Royce Company as an expert motor mechanic, and he was selected to go out to General headquarters with the first fleet of the company’s cars that went out for the service of the headquarters staff, and he enlisted in the Motor Transport Section of the [Army Service Corps].

In the tour which ended last week [Private] Morling accompanied his Majesty throughout, and it was his duty to inspect all the cars before starting each morning, and to be on the spot in the event of any emergency. It was, of course, a memorable experience for the young mechanic, who had such a view of the British, French and Belgian lines as very few persons have been privileged to have.

Happily, in spite of the very rough going near the front, the tour was accomplished without mishap, and at its conclusion his Majesty personally thanked [Private] Morling for his work in connection with the journey, and presented him with a silver wrist watch bearing the King’s monogram as a memento of the occasion’

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