Henry Cadle – A Sad Tale from Virginia Water

Henry was born in 1894 in Stroude near Egham, and baptised at Christ Church in Virginia Water by the local vicar, the Reverend Reginald Edward Molyneaux, on January 13 1895. In 1901, the census records that he and his family still lived in Stroude and his father was a railway carman, probably in Egham. At this time, he lived with his parents, Edward and Clara, and his brothers Alfred and Stephen and sisters Alberta and Sophy. The 1911 census records that Harry was then 16 and living and working at the Egham Vicarage for the Reverend Reginald Edward Molyneaux: his occupation is given as ‘servant (part indoor, part out)’!

Harry enlisted in Guildford and joined the Royal Army Ordnance Corps. Sadly he died in England on 17 January 1916. I’m not sure if he served in England or had been bought home injured from abroad (his death was reported in the Surrey Herald of 21 January 1916). He was buried in the graveyard of Christ Church church, Virginia Water, on 21 January 1916, and the burial ceremony was performed by his former employer, Reverend Reginald Edward Molyneaux, who was by then almost 80 years old. This was within a week of 22 years after the same Reverend baptised him (burial reported in the Surrey Herald of 28 January 1916).

I’m sure this kind of story happened all over the country in small, close communities.

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