Hale Teacher Returns Home

A Sulva Bay Hero: Soldier Teacher's Return

Title: A Sulva Bay Hero: Soldier Teacher's Return
Description: Surrey and Hants News 17 August 1916 by-nc

Taken from the Surrey and Hants News 17 August 1916

‘At the meeting of the Farnham Education Committee on Tuesday evening the Clerk (Mr Edgar Kempson) reported that Mr E.C. Hyde, formerly assistant master at Hale school, had notified him that he had received his discharge from the Army, and was prepared to resume his duties at Hale.

Corporal Hyde, to give him his military rank, enlisted in October 1914, with the 5th Queen’s [Royal West Surrey Regiment], and went out with the expeditionary force to Gallipoli. He was in the Sulva Bay landing, and was wounded, but recovered. Unfortunately he fell into a trench crater and sustained internal injury. He was invalided home, was in hospital for some time, and has now been discharged.

Mr Kempson mentioned the interesting coincidence that Corporal Hyde served under Major Haig-Brown, who was inspector of education for the country. He (Mr Kempson) told Mr Hyde that his place, or a similar place, was open for him, and immediately reported is return to Surrey Education Committee. He did not think it was likely that the committee would send Mr Hyde to Hale as they were extremely short of teachers.
Mrs Milroy: That is rather hard.
Mr Kempson said he hoped it might be possible to offer Mr Hyde the headmastership of Elstead School, which was at present vacant, at any rate temporarily.’


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