Germans Escape From Frimley

Germans Escape from Frimley

Title: Germans Escape from Frimley
Description: Taken from the Surrey and Hants News, 28 September 1916 by-nc

Taken from the Surrey and Hants News, 28 September 1916

 Bloodhounds on the Trail

‘Five German prisoners escaped on Monday and are still at large.  They eluded their guards whilst working on the railway at Deep Cut, two miles from Aldershot Camp, and were not missed until the roll call was taken was taken at the return of the gang to the encampment.

The following particulars have been issued by Scotland Yard: –

William Bruns, sailor aged 27, height 5ft 7 1/2 in., complexion fair, hair brown, eyes hazel.  Marks, eagle head on right arm, buoy and anchor on left arm.  Speaks English well.

Karl Michaelski, sailor aged 26 1/2, height 5ft 6in., complexion dark, hair dark, eyes brown. No marks. Probably clean shaven. Name of ship on cap probably Blucher.

Gustav Schmidt, sailor aged 31 1/2, height 5ft 9in., complexion fresh, hair brown, eyes blue. No marks. Speaks English slightly.

Peter Mathieson, aged 29, height 5ft 9in., complexion fresh, hair fair, eyes blue. No marks. Speaks only fair English.

Richard Mohr, military airman, aged 24, height 5ft 6 1/2 in., complexion fair, hair fair, eyes blue. No marks. Dressed probably in German military uniform coloured grey.

The first four are probably dressed in naval uniform. Possibly all have military overcoats and dark coloured civilian caps.

F.S. Kenward, of Camberley, was informed of the men’s escape, and, accompanied by a party of soldiers from Frith Hill, he took three bloodhounds to Pirbright and instituted a thorough search. The hounds picked up the trail, and followed it for some miles to the main line of the L. and S.W.R. near Stoney Castle Camp, where the fugitives’ footprints, which were identified by the officer in charge of the party from Frith Hill, owing to the large nails in their boots, were seen to lead along the line, in the direction of Brookwood.

At 2.30am on Tuesday, the bloodhounds were taken off, as owing to the passing trains and other circumstances, they could follow the trail no longer, but the search has been continued by the police and helpers.’

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