George Thomas Squires Champion

George Champion

Title: George Champion
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George was born in Lambeth in 1897 to George and Rosina Meekings. The family lived at 28 Sherwood Gardens Croydon. He went to Oval Road School prior to admission to Selhurst Grammar School (previously known as the Old Borough Grammar School for Boys) on 14 September 1909. He left on 27 July 1912 and became a clerk in Cox and Company London.

He attested on 17 May 1915 and went to France on 19 August 1915. His unit was, for the most part, in the Ypres district. At about 5.30 am on April 10th a large shell burst in the hut where he was sleeping, killing him and eight of his comrades. They were buried near Elverdinge.

His personal belongings were returned to his parents on 18 July and they were 1 Disc, 10 letters, cap badge, photos, cigarette case and a bag. His father immediately wrote to the Army asking where his other possessions were. They included 2 watches, pocket chess set and a leather wallet. No answer is in the files although the copy letter is marked ‘replied 29 July’

His effects post war were £8 11s.8d plus War Gratuity £3 to father George.

He is remembered on Selhurst Grammar School Roll of Honour and Croydon Roll of Honour (as published in Croydon and the Great War, edited by Ald. H. Keatley Moore, 1920).

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