George Mann: chauffeur who became an ambulance driver

George was the son of William and Deborah Mann of Essex and was chauffeur to the Swann family who lived in Hangerfield, Church Lane, Witley. George may have been in Witley in 1908, as a G. Mann played for Witley Cricket Club in that year.  He married Ellen Miller in 1910; their daughter Betty was born in 1911 in Witley.  During the war George became an ambulance driver in the Royal Army Service Corps.  George died from influenza during the epidemic after the war.  Ellen added the dedication “And with the morn, those angel faces smile, which I have loved and lost awhile” on George’s headstone.  George was awarded the British War Medal and the Victory Medal.

The Swanns’ eldest son, Gerald, was shot down and killed in a dogfight with German aircraft in October, 1917.  The Mann family knew the Mattingley family and attended the funeral of Harry Mattingley, who died of wounds, at All Saints Church on 14th October 1916.

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