Englefield Green Roll of Honour

Transcript of the list of names which appeared in the 1929 Programme for the unveiling ceremony for the Englefield Green Cross of Sacrifice.

Find out more about the First World War Canadian Soldiers Buried at Englefield Green.

Number Rank Initials and Name Regiment
2250542 Private A. Ballentine Can. Forestry Corps
6439 Private Alfred J. T. Bell Royal Fusiliers
81073 Private J. Black Can.Forestry Corps
28801 Private W. Blezard East Surrey Regiment
1013711 Private C. A. Brooks Can.Forestry Corps
29163 Gunner R.W. Brown Royal Field Artillery
L/10538 Private W. E. Brown Royal West Kent Regt.
2503576 Private B. Brunick Can.Forestry Corps
MS/3878 Corporal J. Burgess Ryl. Army Service Corps
54246 Private J. Cavanagh Welsh Regiment
3282 Private M.A. Codling Ryl. Army Service Corps
23521 2nd Air Mech. E. J. Coleman Royal Flying Corps
9278 Private A. J. Cottrell Royal Berkshire Regiment
2356689 Private J. Crawford Can.Forestry Corps
031214 Private E. F. Cridland Ryl. Army Ordnance Corps
281207 Corporal S. W. Davies Royal Air Force
2487419 Private E. Duceppe Can.Forestry Corps
21950 Private J. Faulkner Gloucestershire Regiment
297503 Private A. Fisher Can.Forestry Corps
3205418 Private Charlie Fitz Can.Forestry Corps
Lieutenant A. S. Fleming Can.Forestry Corps
12970 Sergeant W. S. Fletcher Royal Fusiliers
12170 Private R. E. Giles Hampshire Regiment
14405 Guardsman J.T. Green Coldstream Guards
297745 Corporal J. N. Grieves Can.Forestry Corps
1465 Gunner G. W. Herd Royal Field Artillery
1013038 Private J. Hillyard Can.Forestry Corps
2208403 Sergeant P. D. Hope 14th Bn. Can. Infantry
121305 Private H. Houle Can.Forestry Corps
299212 Private S. A. Hunter Can.Forestry Corps
2nd Lieut. R. Hutchins Middlesex Regiment
2497978 Private J. Jakomolin [Chookomolin] Can.Forestry Corps
1122 Lance/Cpl. G. E. Johnstone 4th Bn. London Regiment Royal Fusiliers
67018 Private F. Jones Notts & Derby Regiment
118021 Lance/Cpl. W. A. Lang Can.Forestry Corps
225101 Private J. E. MacFarland Can.Forestry Corps
2183341 Private E. J. Malone Can.Forestry Corps
709571 Private C. McConaghy Can.Forestry Corps
222336 Private A. R. McDonald 85th Bn. Can. Infantry
766897 Private W. Murray Can.Forestry Corps
1037114 Private T Peterson Can.Forestry Corps
1036956 Private R. Pews Can.Forestry Corps
568066 Private F. W. Randall Royal Engineers
18033 Private F. Read The Queen’s
2497704 Private A. Roy Can.Forestry Corps
2356605 Private B. K. Saunders Can.Forestry Corps
2498678 Private W. J. Scandridge Can.Forestry Corps
268898 Private H. Schmidt Can.Forestry Corps
3212381 Private L. T. Schoepp Can.Forestry Corps
28657 Bty Srgt.-Mjr N. Scott Royal Garrison Artillery
G/7536 Private H. T. Searle The Queen’s
2323457 Private E. F. Shaw Can.Forestry Corps
10767 Lance/Cpl. A. C. Simmons Essex Regiment
285067 L/Bombardier A. G. S. J. Smith Royal Garrison Artillery
SS/755 Sergeant A. D. Sunderland Ryl. Army Service Corps
72892 Corporal R. M. Tilley Royal Field Artillery
2250483 Private Dell (J.) Temblay Can.Forestry Corps
13906 Gunner J. W. Watts Royal Field Artillery
1867 Private J. Weir Cameronians (Scot Rfls.)
43508 Private W. Wicks Royal Fusiliers
Major F. C. Wolfenden Can.Forestry Corps
2193032 Sergeant B. E. Wright Can.Forestry Corps

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