Edward Friston

Edward Friston

Title: Edward Friston
Description: Source: Surrey Comet, 22 September 1917 by-nc

Taken from the Surrey Comet, 22 September 1917.

‘Private Edward Cyril Friston, formerly a clerk in the motor licensed apartment of the Surrey County Council, was killed by a sniper on the morning of August 16, at the age of 19 years. He joined the Civil Service Rifles in August, 1916, and transferred to the Inniskilling Fusiliers, proceeding to France in February. Private Friston, whose parents live at King Charles’s Crescent, Surbiton Hill, received his education at Christ Church School and the Kingston Day Commercial School, and was a member of the Christ Church choir and Church Lads’ Brigade. A comrade writes, “He had just left battalion headquarters to go forward when he was killed instantaneously. He was a very good soldier and well-liked by all who knew him and we signallers sadly regret his death.”’

Edward Friston Article

Title: Edward Friston Article
Description: Taken from Surrey Comet, 22September by-nc

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