Corisande Hart – VAD at Boulogne Railway Station

Corisande Mary Hart, 1915

Title: Corisande Mary Hart, 1915
Description: Image reproduced courtesy of Sutton Archives; Knight-Whittome Collection. Copyright CC-NC. by-nc

Corisande Hart was born in Clapton, London, in 1873 to Samuel H Hart, Leather Manufacturer, and Frances M Hart. She had five brothers and one sister. When she was around 6 years old the family moved to Mulgrave Road in Sutton, where they lived up to and throughout the First Word War.

Shortly after the start of WW1 Corisande, then aged 41, joined the Red Cross VAD as an Assistant Quartermaster, and was deployed at the No 1 VAD Unit at Boulogne Railway Station until June 1915. As such she would have been jointly responsible for the receipt, custody and issue of articles in the provision store where she was stationed. By 1918 she had become Detachment Commander of the Surrey 102 detachment, and was on the Committee of the Red Cross Hospital at Benfleet Hall in Sutton.

Nothing further is known of her life until her death in Eastbourne in Sussex, in 1955 aged 81.

In 1915 she was photographed by David Knights-Whittome, a photographer based in Sutton and Epsom.  To find out more about the projects by Sutton archives based on the Knights-Whittome collection see: Past on Glass/Ordinary Lives, Extraordinary Times.


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  1. James Crouch

    Corisande was living at 9 Vine Street, Brighton, when the 1939 Register was taken. Her surname has been mistranscribed as “Haret”. Her date of birth is given as 28th June 1873 and she is described as being single and of private means and was living with a widow, Violet F Adams.

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