Charlie John Weight

Charlie Weight's Casualty Form

Title: Charlie Weight's Casualty Form
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Text and research by Brian Roote

Charles Weight was born on 2 December 1882, in Croydon, to Charlie and Elizabeth Knight; he was baptised on 25 February 1883. The family moved to Crunden Road, South Croydon. Charles went to Brighton Road School. He married Elizabeth Mary Sacre on May 12 1907 at St Augustine’s Church, South Croydon. They had 2 children Edith Mary (1908) and Hilda (1913).

He enlisted in Guildford on 21 November 1902 and was re engaged at Chatham on 19 February 1913. During this time he had a tattoo on his arm of a heart pierced by an arrow and the note ‘I L Bessie’, which is probably his pet name for his wife, Elizabeth.

The circumstances of Weight’s death are very unusual: he died from a fractured skull caused by being run over by a motor lorry after falling from his bicycle at Pontcarre on 17 September 1914. He was buried in Pontcarre Communal Cemetery and is the only CWGC grave there. He is remembered on the Brighton Road School Memorial.

His effects post war were £12 5s. 8d., plus War Gratuity of £6 to Elizabeth. She was granted a pension of 6/- weekly plus 1/6d. weekly for each of the children.

Elizabeth never remarried and lived the rest of her life in Crunden Road where she died in 1960. Her daughter Hilda was with her at 32 Crunden Road in 1939.

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