Charles Edwin Woodrow Bean

Charles was born in Australia 18/11/1879; his father moved the family to England in 1889. There, Charles attended Brentwood School, Essex and latterly Clifton College, gaining a scholarship to read Classics at Hertford College, Oxford. He received his degree in 1902 and studied for the Bachelor of Civil law degree which he obtained in 1904, the year he both returned to Australia and qualified for the bar.

He was not a Surrey resident, but is of interest because of an article he wrote on the Gallipoli campaign 1915 which was produced in the Dorking and Leatherhead Advertiser at the beginning of January 1916. He was writing as the campaign was drawing to a close and the last of the Commonwealth and Imperial forces were being evacuated from the peninsula. His detailed description of scouting operations by both the ANZACS and the Ottoman army suggests a more fluid form of warfare, in contrast to the more static trench systems which characterised the war on the Western Front (he was the only correspondent to stay on in Gallipoli between April-December and therefore was present for the duration of the campaign). He is also of interest as later, Charles was to become the author of the official history of the ANZAC during the First World War (The Story of ANZAC [Angus and Robertson, Sydney, 1924]).


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