Captain Roydon Englefield Ashford Dash

Roydon Englefield Ashford Dash was born on 3rd March 1888 in Mortlake, to Roland Dash, a civil servant, and his wife Jane. By 1911 the Dash family were living at Englefield, Warren Lane, Oxshott, and Roydon was a Technical Assistant in the Valuation Department of the Inland Revenue.

In October 1914, the St Andrew’s, Oxshott, parish magazine recorded that Roydon E A Dash was already serving his country, and in December 1914 readers were advised that he had been given a commission as 2nd Lieutenant in the East Surrey Regiment, from the Universities and Public Schools Brigade. In July 1915 the magazine detailed his promotion to 1st Lieutenant, and again in September 1916 to Captain.

Records show that Captain Roydon Dash took his Aviators Certificate, on 30th March 1917, in a Maurice Farman Biplane at Gosport Military School. At this point Dash was Captain of the 2/6th East Surrey Regiment, however it seems that at some time after this he transferred to the newly formed Air Force.

In July 1918 the parish magazine recorded that:

We are delighted to notice amongst the Royal Birthday Honours, that the Distinguished Flying Cross has been awarded to [Captain] R E Ashford Dash, RAF [Royal Air Force], for acts of gallantry when flying in active operations against the enemy.

The Distinguished Flying Cross was only established in June 1918 and so Dash was one of the first to receive this honour.

Sir Roydon Englefield Ashford Dash survived the war and passed away in 1984, at the age of 96, having been knighted sometime previously.


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