Alfred Charles Hodge

Alfred Charles Hodge Service Medal and Award Roll 1919

Title: Alfred Charles Hodge Service Medal and Award Roll 1919
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Family story contributed by Brian Gudgeon

Alfred Charles Hodge was born in early 1879, to Charles Robert Hodge and Louisa Sophia Hodge (nee Pike), in Croydon.  The 1901 Census records that he worked as a Cycle Fitter, and still lived with his parents.  At the age of 24, he married Ellen Muggeridge, in spring 1903; the couple lived at 70 Princess Road, with Alfred working as a Fitter.  He had become a Milk Carrier by 1911, when the couple lived at Flat 5, 85a Elsinore Road, Forest Hill.

In the First World War, Alfred served as a Private with the Royal Army Service Corps (service number M/303082 – [the M denoting that he was involved with Mechanical Transport])

He died in the autumn of 1925, aged 47.

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