Air-Raid Refugees from London

Air Raids

The minutes of a committee meeting of the Oxshott Men’s Club in 1915 record what was being prepared in case of an emergency.

In 1915, due to the bombing in London by enemy airships, there was a request from the Stoke d’Abernon parish council to use the clubroom for ‘sheltering refugees from the London area in consequence of air raids’. If people were sent to the village during an air raid and were unable to obtain shelter with the limited number of  dwellings in the area, could they stay in the clubroom overnight as an emergency shelter?

Permission was duly given for women and children to use the building at their own risk, but all liabilities and expenses such as damage, cleaning and  disinfecting would be down to the parish council!

This is an interesting insight into how local people viewed those from the city!

The Oxshott Men’s Club Minutes, 1915

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