A Weybridge Conscientious Objector

Weybridge Conscientious Objector

Title: Weybridge Conscientious Objector
Description: Taken from the Surrey and Hants News, 13 July 1916 by-nc

Taken from Surrey and Hants News, 13 July 1916

‘Herbert Bankes (34), provision manager of Weybridge applied for the variation of his certificate on conscientious grounds.  The Local Tribunal had granted him exemption from combatant service only, but he now asked to be exempted from military service altogether an expressed willingness to do work of national importance. – Applicant said that for conscience sake he could not take up non-combatant service. He added that he was a member of the Plymouth Brethren and produced letters to show that he had held his belief or a number of years. – Case adjourned for a fortnight, appellant meanwhile to be given an opportunity to take up work of national importance’.

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